Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Teacher's Prayer

I saw this online today, and fell in love! I'm not sure who the original writer is to give them credit, but here ya go! If you know, let me know :) I'm going to frame it and hang it in my classroom!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My classroom!

Okay.... we started back to school and I've been soooo busy!!!! Shocker, right?? Haha! I'm LOVING my new job! I can't wait until Open House tomorrow!! I have pictures to show you, so I hope that makes up for my lack of blogging. Bear with me as I get used to this crazy awesome new lifestyle :)
 Here are my class rules, mailboxes, an edge of the word wall, and folder bins! ...And an empty picture frame... I should probably fix that! The labels on the folder bins are actually laminated name tags :)
A Precious Class! 
This is my whole class reward system! I'll add pearls for great whole-class behavior, and when they get 20 pearls, I'll treat them to something special! 

Pencil Pockets!!
Okay so I saw this great idea on Pinterest to re-use toilet paper rolls! I decided to do this and use it for my pencil system. Here's my pencil system, if anyone is interested. Time will tell if it works!! Students will have 4 pencils at a time in their pocket. They will get 2 sharp ones in the morning, and they can exchange as needed througout the day. At the end of the day, they makes sure all their pencils are in their pockets. Then, I'll sharpen everyone's before the next morning. I am trying this for 2 reasons
1) I can't stand kids getting up to sharpen pencils all day!
2) I don't want kids to use my electric pencil sharpener, because well, they don't last as long!
I'll keep ya posted on how it goes. I would LOVE to hear your pencil management ideas.

 My lovely cart from the teacher store! The bigger blue drawers are for each day of the week. 
I just haven't got them labeled yet!
I "made" the "Notes" board by hot gluing laminated letters on a magnetic dry-erase tile. 
Those dots are magents :) Oh, and another empty picture frame, haha. But isn't it cute?! 

 Book cabinet with genre posters!! 
The two bins on the side of the cabinet say "Return Books Here" and "Book Doctor" 
 Don't you love the "Let your light shine" piece?!? I do!!
 Front Folders!
To prevent papers from getting shoved into the black hole, I mean desk, never to be seen again!

Does this look familiar :) Read my previous post if not!!

Just a view from the back. I almost didn't post this because it doesn't give any tips, but I wanted you all to see my hanging fish way up there in the left corner!! They are so fun :)

Well wish me luck at Open House!! Woohoo!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

First Blog!

I'm a first year teacher that is brand new to this blogging world! I will be in second grade this year and I'm sooo excited! I have been busy getting ready to be a teacher and it's a bit overwhelming! I have been so inspired by so many teacher blogs out there, so I thought I'd try blogging myself. Be patient as a I learn!

This is what I will use to take attendance and lunch count each morning! As students come in, they will move their magnet to the correct lunch choice! 

Here are the materials I used to make this cute and functional creation!
*Small mosaic tiles from Hobby Lobby (they come in packs of 48)
*2 magnetic dry-erase boards from Office Max
*Ribbon, hot glued to the back of the boards
*Magnets (the circle kind), hot glued to the back of the tiles
*Wide Sharpie for the numbers
*Black chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby

Well, what do you think? How'd I do on my first post??